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About Us

We are a small company providing a mobile testing service that will come to your work-place, anywhere in Australia and conduct Air Purity Tests on high or low pressure breathing air supplies, systems and compressors. It is quick, inexpensive and causes minimal disruption to work schedules. Current work-place legislation demands regular testing be carried out and proper records be kept, so call on us to assist and breathe easy!

If your employees breathe compressed air to carry out their work, work-place legislation requires that the air must meet a certain level of purity, to ensure the health of employees is not adversely affected by oil mists and other contaminants in the air supply. We are able to supply and install filtration components or complete systems to cope with any number of users and to the required level of purity.

Perhaps you already have a compressor but would prefer some assistance to design a cost effective and efficient reticulation and control system, which will not only supply general use workshop air but pure breathing air as well and still comply with the requirements set down by various standards and current work-place legislation. All you need do is call to arrange and on-site visit / inspection and together we will find a solution to the problem.